Parent Information and FAQ's

Published by League Admin
Nov 16, 2018

West End Soccer League

Parent Information and FAQ’s

Fall 2014 Soccer Season

Q: How Old Does My Child need to be in order to participate?

WESL determines league age in our recreational division based on the calendar year.Meaning, if you child is turning five at any time this year – they are considered to be 5 years old for the season.

WESL accepts players aged 5+.If you child is younger than five, please inquire with WESL Board as there may be spots available for your child in our youngest age group.

Q: When Do Practices start and when are they held?

Practices will begin in July.Our calendar lists the first day of practice as July 19th.This does not mean that your team will be practicing on this day.This means that this is the first day that teams may practice.

Most practices are during the week, in the late afternoon and early evening.Depending on the age of the children, there may be 1-2 practices a week.

If there is a specific day that you know you will not be able to get your child to practice you may note it when you register.We will do our best to accommodate.

Q: How many games will my child play?When are they?Where are they?

The first day of games is scheduled for August 16th.The majority of games will be on Saturdays. There may be Sunday afternoon games.If your child is in a larger age group, and/or if weather causes the need for make-up games – there may be games on Sunday afternoons.

There are games every weekend except for some holidays. Your child will get a minimum of eight games.

Your games will be at the same field every weekend.Depending on your child’s age group, you may play at one of four different field locations.We play at the Library Field in Brodheadsville, the PV Elementary School off Burger Hollow Road in Kresgeville, the Jaycee Field off Fiddletown Road in Kunkletown, or the Cornerstone Community Church Field just past the PV Elementary School in Kresgeville.

Q: Do you have playoffs and keep standings?

Playoffs are held, and standings are kept beginning at age 9.5-8 year olds are instructional age groups and standings are not kept.

Q:Do you Offer Training for new Coaches?

All coaches are required to attend a coach’s clinic.WESL schedules at least two clinics each year in June.The clinics will be run by EPYSA A-Licensed coaches.

We also offer “curriculum” for our youngest four age groups.

If you have kids – you can coach a team. It really is that easy.

Q: What equipment do you provide?What equipment do I need to buy?

We provide all our recreational players with a jersey.That jersey will be given to you by your coach prior to the first game.

You will need to provide shin guards, socks (that cover the shin guards), and sneakers/cleats.Sneakers are ok. Cleats are not a requirement.

Coaches will receive soccer balls, cones/discs, and pinnies from the League. This equipment will be handed out to coaches after they have met all the requirements on their Coaches Check List. Coaches are required to return this equipment back in to the league at the end of the season.

Q: Can I Request for my child to play on the same team as another child?

No.You cannot.Our Rules and regulations address this.If you have participated the last few years, you may recall that we tested out ignoring our own rules and allowing requests.We will not be continuing that practice.

The only way in which players can be placed together is in a Sponsorship/Coach/Assistant Coach relationship.

We allow those who choose to sponsor a team the right to choose their child’s coach. We also allow coaches and assistants to request each other.

Please Download and Read

*In 2012, our governing Body adopted a “Policy on Concussion Procedures and Protocol”. This document is available on our Web-Site underneath the available for Download box – and is part of the registration process.It covers all players participating in our youth recreational program. All our coaches and assistant coaches will be required to complete an on-line training course. As parents, we need you to be aware of the policy.

*Our Rules and Regulations.Please review them.

*Our Code of Conduct Pledge. Please print this 1-page document. It needs to be completed and turned in to your coach at your first practice.This document is your agreement that you have read our Rules and Regulations, and understand our policies and agree to abide by them.